Saturday, 6 March 2010

Arise Magazine: Still Rising After All These... Months

This is the gorgeous cover of the new issue (issue 8) of Arise magazine. The striking visage belongs to Somalian model,  Ubah Hassan who is featured inside the mag illustrating a piece on natural hair (apparently texture is all the rage this season... as if we needed telling). I've been a fan of this magazine since it launched over a year ago. I'm delighted that it's still in existence considering so many magazines geared towards black audiences with high production values tend to fall by the wayside a la Colures and the fab but short-lived, Suede magazine. And even more encouraging,  the magazine has gone down in price to a credit crunch friendly £2.95, so do go out and support the cause. I picked up a copy a couple of weeks ago and am ashamed to admit it's under my desk somewhere, yet to be read (slapped wrists). 

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