Thursday, 26 November 2009

Pride's Crimbo 09 Issue

The December issue of Pride hits the shelves round about now and features Hollywood hottie Zoe Saldana on the cover – isn’t she lovely? The actress is set to star in the forthcoming James Cameron directed sci-fi blockbuster Avatar, and talks to Pride about her role, embracing her Black Latina roots, and not wanting to be viewed as a ‘black sexpot’ (Pah! We’re not sure if we believe you on that one Zo’s). Other articles to look out for include a discussion about the BNP post Question Time, the British recolonizing the Turks and Caicos, as well as interviews with the Editor of Now magazine, Abigail Blackburn, and Secret Millionaire star Caroline Marsh.

Ensure you pick up a copy, I think we've put together a great issue this month.

Wednesday, 25 November 2009

Christmas Shopping Offer to TCD Readers

London based stylist Zoe Husskisson has launched an online gift consultation service which is perfect for xmas. Style Elite Personal Shopping Service promises to take the stress out of shopping, by saving you much needed time and energy. Style Elite Personal Shopping is offering readers of The Cocoa Diaires this service at a discounted rate of £10. If interested, please email quoting reference Cocoa Diaries.

See below for a sample gift portfolio, showcasing a few gift ideas:


Purchaser: Sister
Recipient’s Age: 21
Gift Occasion: 21st birthday present
How much does the purchaser want to spend: £0-150
Recipient’s Style: Vintage Chic
Any other relevant information regarding recipient: “My sister is a girly girl who loves feminine and vintage things (clothes, bags, jewellery etc). She has just moved into a flat with her best friend and loves finding unusual interiors from markets and her travels. She prefers vibrant and soft colours as opposed to dark tones. She is also a perfume junkie who loves to collect unusual bottles. I would like to give her something special for her landmark birthday that will last and she will treasure”

Gift Ideas:
Based on your responses to the form we have found a few gift ideas for your sister.  All gifts reflect your sister’s love for vintage products and also her interest of fashion, beauty and home interiors. We are confident that your sister will be more than happy with any of our choices and look forward to helping you find your next special gift.

First choice: Mirror, Mirror

This unique birdcage mirror is the perfect addition to your sister’s new home. The bird perched on top of the frame makes this a stylish and unusual present. She will love the charming vintage mirror which will instantly add a romantic feel to her home.

Price: £125

Second Choice: Heaven Scent fragrances not only smell divine but will also look so chic on your sister’s dressing table. 

La Prairie’s three Life Thread 

Price: £42.50

Product Info: La Prairie has created a new trilogy of fragrances that suit the many moods and moments in a woman’s life. Silver, a warm, sensual fragrance that is somehow citrusy, floral and musky; Gold, a spicy scent that is both feminine and powerful; and Platinum, a sophisticated scent that screams luxury, with woodsy tones meeting strong floral. The three are encased in gorgeous lucite bottles wrapped in strands of silver, gold and platinum, respectively.

Tuesday, 24 November 2009

Alexandra Burke is Looking for Support

Hey folks, just wanted to alert you to the fact that my fave X-Factor winner, Alexandra Burke, is looking for a supporting act from anywhere in the world through for an exclusive 'Nokia Good Things' concert in the UK on December 9th. 

Click here for more info

Here's a little bit of background info on

 Talenthouse is the leading platform for creative collaboration, providing artists opportunities for recognition and compensation. Talenthouse embraces artists at every level of their career, as well as all supporters of the arts. Attracted by the potential for discovering, collaborating with and mentoring emerging talent, many global brands and acclaimed industry icons are involved with Talenthouse by hosting Creative Invites. Brands choose Talenthouse to engage in a dialogue with their audience in a targeted, relevant and credible context. Talenthouse currently focuses on film, fashion, music, art and photography. For more information, log onto


Sunday, 22 November 2009

The Rebirth of Janet: Don't Stop Till You Get Enough

It took Janet to bring me out of blogging retirement, God bless you Ms Damita Jo. But I had to, just HAD TO give props to the woman who I’ve admired since I was a greasy faced teen trying to learn the entire dance routine to ‘What Have You Done for me Lately’ in my Ma’s bedroom. 

Back in the 80’s Janet was unstoppable. Ladies, who didn’t want to be as sassy and badass as Janet in the Pleasure Principle video? Remember that banging fringed weave? The casual cool of her black slacks and denim jacket get up? The rude girl choreography? One word: fiyah! And what about the effortless execution of the intricate military moves in the iconic Rhythm Nation video?There’s no denying that Janet was the shiznit, although she didn’t receive the respect and kudos that the likes of Madonna and Whiney did. But then the unthinkable happened. Janet fell off. It happened somewhere after the Velvet Rope when her musical output nosedived in quality and became a sea of banal, uninspired, corniness. By the time the Superbowl ‘nipple-gate’ incident occurred I had sworn off Janet completely. The woman who I once held in such high regard had in my eyes transformed into a desperate, attention-seeking has-been, who was doing her hardest to try and stay relevant Ooooh the shame of it!

In a tragic twist, it would be the death of her big bro Michael that would bring her back to form (or at least in my eyes anyway). To be honest, when I heard that Janet had a new tune out I couldn’t have been less interested. But the opening bars of ‘Make Me’ stopped me dead…Wait a minute, this sounds like throwback Janet. Like hot gyal Janet. Like ‘do you know who my brother was’ Janet. Yay, what a result. The video premiered today and I’ve played it around 5 times already. Admittedly there could’ve had a bit more choreography for me to copy, but I know I'm just being greedy. Great to have you back JJ!

Sidenote: And how much do I love that little ode to MJ "Don't stop it baby, don't stop till you get enough"? Awww, RIP Michael. 

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