Tuesday, 24 November 2009

Alexandra Burke is Looking for Support

Hey folks, just wanted to alert you to the fact that my fave X-Factor winner, Alexandra Burke, is looking for a supporting act from anywhere in the world through TalentHouse.com for an exclusive 'Nokia Good Things' concert in the UK on December 9th. 

Click here for more info

Here's a little bit of background info on Talenthouse.com:

 Talenthouse is the leading platform for creative collaboration, providing artists opportunities for recognition and compensation. Talenthouse embraces artists at every level of their career, as well as all supporters of the arts. Attracted by the potential for discovering, collaborating with and mentoring emerging talent, many global brands and acclaimed industry icons are involved with Talenthouse by hosting Creative Invites. Brands choose Talenthouse to engage in a dialogue with their audience in a targeted, relevant and credible context. Talenthouse currently focuses on film, fashion, music, art and photography. For more information, log onto www.talenthouse.com


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