Monday, 8 December 2008

Leona: The Serial Record Breaker

Can this girl's career ascend any higher? Leona Lewis has shattered yet another record, with new single Run becoming the fastest selling download EVER. The cover of the Snow Patrol hit has already sold over 69,000 copies in just two days, and has soared to the top of the UK national charts. I happen to really like this track. Leona's voice sounds superb: it's really gentle and controlled in parts, and then spirals into a high powered crescendo that is the stuff of all ballad queens. Apparently record execs were reluctant to release it as a single but changed their minds after her X-Factor performance, proving once and for all that the suits don't know jack. I guess it's safe to say that this surprise No.1 hit coupled with rumours that Leona will be performing at President Obama's inauguration, tops off quite the spectacular year for Hackney's finest.

Live Version of Run Performed on the X Factor

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