Monday, 9 June 2008

Estelle's 'No Substitute'

Estelle has just released the third video from her supa dupa fly album - Shine. If you haven't gone out and bought the album yet, then what's the hold up? 'No Substitute' is one of my favourites from the CD. It's inspired by the reggae classic by 'Halfpint', a song which was always on rotation at my family gatherings, and reminds me of my youth. The video look as if it has a decent budget: it's all very classy and shiny, with full-on glam.  Kelly Rowland even makes a cameo appearance, but in all honesty, it's all about the leading lady who wears a number of figure hugging dresses, and rocks a punked up version of her pixie hairstyle. A lot of British folk are still unsure about the 'revamped' Etelle, and favour the cutesy little tomboy of the '1980's 'era. But I think she looks great. And as Ms Swaray rightly says "I've discovered that I've got boobs and legs, so I want to show them off". Who are we to argue with that?

See below for the Estelle of yesteryear, to me there is no comparison...Can you believe this was filmed a mere four years ago?

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