Saturday, 6 September 2008

Idris's brush with Denzel's ugly side

Actor Idris Elba recently appeared on Trevor Nelson’s breakfast show on BBC 1Xtra to promote his new film, the Guy Ritchie crime caper, Rocknrolla. The Hackney lad currently making huge waves in the States shared a few of anecdotes on his career as an in-demand actor, including his experience of working with Denzel Washington on last year’s hit film American Gangster. Whereas most rising actors would be hesitant to speak out against the hugely powerful Oscar winning actor, Elba spared no punches in admitting that he hated working with the actor on that particular film. Apparently during the scene where Denzel’s character (Frank Lucas) shoots his nemesis (Elba) at point blank range. Denzel probably in full method acting mode, decided to go against Ridley Scott's direction and pulled the trigger right up against Idris’s temple, much to the horror of everyone on set. The gun obviously wasn’t loaded but this didn’t stop the poor love in admitting to Trevor that when it happened he thought he was dead. This is not the first time I’ve heard stories of Denzel’s dubious actions all in the name of his craft. Surely there must come a point where you have to separate yourself from your character. I'm wondering if in some perverse sense using the old 'method acting' defence is just a underhanded way of carrying out your sinister side without being held accountable for your actions. Listen to the interview here and judge for yourselves. 


Ondo Lady said...

Love, love, love Idris. He is so talented and it is so good to see him get his fair dues. Plus he is hunky too which is never a crime in my book.

Deena said...

Idris was in my dream two nights ago as Stringer Bell from The Wire. No details but I woke up very happy :-)

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