Saturday, 6 September 2008

Back to UK Blak: Brand New Heavies

I woke up this morning with this song in my heart. I went to the Indigo2 last night to see Kook & the Gang (another oldie but goodie) and came across a flyer advertising a forthcoming Brand New Heavies gig scheduled to take place at the same venue next month. Talk about instantly taking me back. Gosh, how amazing was/is this band? As my friend Sam rightly says, fellow Acid-jazzers Jamiroquai took a lot of their shine, probably due to the weird charisma of Jay Kay, but for me the BNH were always the real deal. Since locating ‘Stay This Way’ on You Tube I’m on my forth rewind. I forbid you to have a listen and not be overcome with a sheer sense of ebullience – it’s such a joyous song. And what of lead singer N’Dea Davenport? Isn’t she a hottie?And what a syrupy sweet songbird tone.  Sorry Siedah I know you're a great artist and all, but I was so mad when you replaced her. However, N'Dea fans rest assured, she's back in the fold and will be appearing at the Indig02 show. Anyway, back to the track, I can’t remember it doing major things on the charts upon release but it remains a firm favourite of mine. And in case you were wondering - UK Blak? Admittedly the BNH don't necessarily fit the criteria considering they are fronted by an African American woman and backed by a mostly English band mates. But to me they represent the true essence of multi-culturalism, you know, one nation under a groove and all of that good stuff. So do like we did back in the day and pump up the volume! 

The concert is scheduled for Thurs 16th October, for further info visit

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