Sunday, 30 November 2008

Back to UK Blak - The Pasadenas

These guys remind you of another group in particular? The 50's throwback fashion, the West Side story-esq choreography. The eye-sore Didier Drogba wet-look hairstyles. Can't think? Well how about this year's X-Factor contenders - JLS. When I first saw Louis' boys prancing around on stage in baseball jackets and trainers a few weeks ago, they took me right back to the original 80's black boy band - The Pasadenas. The group were a  five part harmony band who first scored a hit with Tribute (Right On) in 1988, before following up with other chart hits like 'Riding on a Train' and 'I'm Doing Fine Now', which peaked at No. 4 on the UK national charts. See the JLS performance below and see how they compare.


Ondo Lady said...

I used to LOVE The Pasadenas!! I still do; they could sing, dance, pout and all at the same time. God that video took me back. I still listen to Tribute now and I am amazed by how fresh it still sounds. I guess the thing that they have in common with JLS is that not everyone knows how to pitch them.

Matilda Egere-Cooper said...

:) I see what ya mean! BTW, Alex to win - she absolutely "MERKED" (lol) Listen last night!

MsQuiche said...

@ Matilda: "she absolutely "MERKED" LMAO! Agreed. Almost had me in tears, she just has to win.

@ Ondo Lady: They were super talented guys who never got the recognition they deserved. I wonder where they are now? I often spend far too much of my life pondering about the whereabouts of 80's has beens.

Janice aka Miss Mad News said...

What the hell happened to this group?

I was a huge fan.

Can you believe that they dropped their debut 20 years ago!!!!

I refuse to comment on JLS....

Shanti said...

I was just happy when JLS removed those slanted mohicans! ALex to win!

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