Saturday, 22 November 2008

So Long Rach

In all honesty she lasted a lot longer than I anticipated, but Simon did the right thing by putting her out of her misery. Her spark was gone. The women we met with the cocky one liners and impromptu whinning had been replaced by a timid, nervous wreck who week by week was buckling under the pressure. I guess it doesn't help matters much when the press are out to get you, portraying you as a gun toting gangster on the basis of a one off(Bo! Bo!) celebratory gun signal. Definitely a classic case of cultural misinterpretation methinks, Rach, you obviously wasn't aware of the furor surrounding Barack and Michelle's so-called "terrorist fist jab". So who's gonna win? Well I'm still backing Alexandra who was absolutely amazing tonight. But I wouldn't be mad if if Ruth or Diana won, but sooooooo don't get JLS.


Ondo Lady said...

I don't know about her being a nervous wreck? She seemed ok to me but she is an enigma and very erratic with her performances. I like JLS so was gutted when they were in the bottom two with Rachel. They both performed well in the sing off but Rachel was AMAZING, she was just blew me away. I thought she had nailed it and sung her way to next week so I was very shocked when Simon voted her off. I do not buy his argument that he was taking her out as this was her third time in the bottom two - so what? That has little to do with it and both acts should have been judged on how they performed in the sing off. Saying that she is so NOT a pop star but a proper R&B diva and they probably did her a favour voting her off. I think Diana has it in the bag but I think that little blond boy will be her main contestant. I love Alexandra but I cannot see the public getting behind her but JLS might make the final. I don't care what anyone says, I really like them.

MsQuiche said...

Well she has since come out to say that the negative press was getting to her. I personally didn't like her version of 'I'm Telling You'. Think she sounded angry and as a result hit more than a few bum notes. Simon did the right thing. She had been in the bottom two for three weeks, there was no way she was gonna win, whereas JLS, as much as I don't get them, still stand a chance. You're right though - I don't think Alex will win either which is such a shame because she has been consistently great and has a real positive attitude. Methinks it will be either Diana, Hoaghn (sp?) or JLS.

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