Thursday, 26 February 2009

Sister Act The Musical: I'm So Excited

Whoopi pictured with Patrina

One of my favourite musicals is gearing up to receive a theatrical makeover in a couple of months. Sister Act, the classic musical comedy starring Whoopi Goldberg, is scheduled to make its West End debut at the Palladium Theatre in May. Am I the only one who is beyond excited by this? Seems so. While discussing this tantalising news with one of our lovely contributors over the phone, I received this dispassionate response from Litte Miss Far From Impressed. Me: “So Sister Act the Musical starts in May, wow, I’m soooooo excited” … (Silence). Me: “Monica, are you still there? Did you hear me? Monica: “Yeah, I heard you. I HATE musicals”. Ohhhhh kay then, yet another reminder that I need to bring it down a couple of notches on my excitement quotient. I get far too animated about things most consider barely worthy of discussion. 

So who’s gonna be in it, who’s gonna be in it? (Sorry, still at it; can’t contain myself). Well according to the press release, after a year long search, a 24 year old singer/actress by the name of Patrina Milner has been cast in the lead role of Deloris Van Cartier, made famous by Whoopi. I’ve just You Tube’d Patrina, and the girl can surely saaang! I’m quite conflicted by that actually. I liked the fact that Whoopi could barely carry a tune and in her nightclub singing days would perform as a second rate Diana Ross complete with bad wigs, bad make up, and ill fitting sparkly numbers. But apparently the producers wanted a more rousing gospel feel to it, hence the appointment of power chops Patrina. And I guess in all honesty you’d feel hard done by after parting with your hard earned cash only to head to the theatre to hear bad singing. I know I certainly would. To find out more about the show visit 

For old school heads, here's a number from the film


Kwana said...

I love musicals. This should be fun.

janice aka Miss Mad News said...

Never particularly liked the films


Heya! This is my first time on your fantastic blog. I will be back. Stay fabulous. It keeps 'em guessing. Ciao.
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