Monday, 2 February 2009

Snowed Under

So this morning my house phone starts ringing about 7am, I try to catch it, but typically it stops as soon as I pick up the receiver. Seconds later my moby goes off and  I start to panic (I always get anxious when the phone rings super early) so quickly fish my phone out of my bag. Instantly my nerves evaporate when I see my son's nursery number flash up. It gets better. It's Sandra, the General Manager sounding all serious. "Hi Keysha, we're just calling to let parents know that nursery will be closed today due to the heavy snow". "Huh...okay". " We've taken the advice of Transport For London who advise that people should only travel on the roads if their journey is absolutely necessary. Plus, there is no form of public transport, all services have been suspended". "Oh really?" (big cheshire cat grin). Wow,  I couldn't have dreamt up a better start to the week. Like Sir Bob Geldof and his Boomtown Rats I'm also pretty adverse to Mondays. Absolutely loathe them. But this Monday was magical. I loaded up my laptop and worked on some of my pages while sipping tea and eating homemade shortcake biscuits under the duvet (bliss). Khy, obviously enchanted by the snow, insisted we go out and make a snowman. Although initially reluctant, we eventually succumbed to his whinging and ventured out into the blitz like conditions. 15 mins later we had our own little toddler sized frosty. I love crazy, unpredicable days like this, it really makes you feel alive. More snow expected on Wednesday. Bring it on! 


K.HART said...

hey miss quiche,

i've been following your blog for a while, thanks to a heads up from miss waltzing matilda. i've received a lot of inspiration from your page and love your style of writing. take care!

MsQuiche said...

Hey K Hart, thanks for your lovely comments. I've just discovered your blog via Matilda's and look forward to venturing into your blog space. BTW, I meant what I said about Simon. Hello!

Kwana said...

Both your snowman and your little man are so cute! Way to start the week.

MsQuiche said...

Thank you Kwana, we had a fab day!

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