Monday, 11 May 2009

Acoustically Kelly

The UK's own adopted sister, Kelly Rowland, performed an acoustic set of her new single "When Love Takes Over" at Radio 1's Big Weekender Live Lounge a couple of days ago. For the most part I think it's quite a nice performance, although to coin a Randy Jackson phrase, " a lil' pitchy in parts".    Nonetheless I'm still rooting for Kells, and look forward to hearing her solo stuff in the not too distant future. She seems well suited to that whole laid-back, unplugged, intimate venue vibe. 


Ondo Lady said...

Is Kells still singing then? Good for her!! I guess it ain't over till it's over.

Millytilly said...

lol "to quote Randy Jackson...." that's funny. She was "aight". I'd give her a 6.5

MsQuiche said...

@ondo lady, yes indeedy. I think she'll do well if she goes the pop/dance route opposed to the done to death R&B diva stylee.

@Matilda, lol, maaan, how long has Randy been dropping those same ole lines?

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