Saturday, 9 May 2009

Mo' Dizzee

Mr Rascal appeared on Jonathan Wossy last night, and I found the interview quick a chuckle. In case you missed it, check it out. 


K.HART said...

the fact that dizee made it onto the johnathon ross is a very big look for him.

i must admit johnathon ross is quite funny! He directed the interview well and helped bring out the humourous side of dizee

Millytilly said...

LOL! Man, Dizzee's grown so much - I remember interviewing him when he was 17, bless his soul x

MsQuiche said...

@ K Hart, I think Dizzee and Jonathan really gelled. Wossy seemed geniunely interested in all he had to say.

@ Matilda, hasn't he just? I remember those circa Boy in Da Corner interviews. They were sooo painful to watch, lol.

Ondo Lady said...

I saw him and he was quite funny, I would say that he has redeemed himself after that foolishness on Newsnight last year.

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