Thursday, 30 April 2009

Can't Get it Out of My Head: Bonkers By Dizzee

Okay, so he may have messed up slightly with Obama-gate on that cold November night, but there is something about Dizzee Rascal that I find quite endearing. I think it’s the personal growth. Comparing the shy, inaudible, awkward teen that he was when he released his debut album ‘Boy in Da Corner‘ (which was a wicked album by the way), to the jokey, jovial, media friendly man that he has become today, just brings a smile to my face. Check out the video to his new Armand Van Helden single Bonkers, which is as it says on the can - kinda bonkers. The video is so ‘Aceeeed - Summer of Love 1992’ - loves it. 

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K.HART said...

i'm here with you on this one ms quiche. i never really took the time to listen to dizzee's 1st album but i'm loving this track. this is a typical party anthem!

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