Monday, 6 April 2009

BBC's 1-Xtra Celebrates 30 Years of Hip Hop

The Beeb's black music radio station, 1-Xtra celebrated 30 years of hip hop with a special show featuring the UK's home-grown talent doing renditions of famous US hip hop tracks. Ms Dynamite took on Lauryn Hill, Roll Deep performed a Wu Tang track, and Chipmunk performed the Sugar Hill Gang classic Rappers Delight. Check it out! 


Millytilly said...

This was big! Thanks for posting (But Bashy man...shirtless? Pac wore clothes sometimes too ya know LOL. Very much liked the Chipmunk/Scorcher Wretch 32 collabo...Sugar Hill would be proud, I reckon :)

MsQuiche said...

Wasn't too bad was it. Man, how I miss Ms Dynamite. She needs to come back hard like she did when she first came out. None of this Lauryn-esq nonsense. The shirtless Bashy was quite comical. Not quite the toned physique of Pac, but bless, have to grant him an A for effort.

K.HART said...

yeah nice post ms quiche! i heard trevor and gemma talkin about this and now i can relate to their convo about bashy.
yeah bless him indeed he really went to town with regards to gettin into the role lol

where's black twang vanished too?

Craigjc said...

Love the blog.Just passing through.

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