Monday, 20 April 2009

What's the Word?

I rolled through my favourite concert venue, the Indig02 in Greenwich, on Saturday to see the legendary funk outfit Cameo. The group came to prominence in the mid 80’s with hits such as ‘Word Up’ and ‘Single Life’, before slipping into obscurity during the 90’s. I was still a schooler when the group were at the height of their fame, so it was great to see them live in the flesh all these years later. Believe me when I say they haven’t lost any of their edge, eccentricity or stage magnetism. And you’ll also be delighted to know that front-man Larry Blackmon is still rocking the fire engine red cod piece! My guy was whinning his hips with so much vigour that I had to turn my head on several ocassions because the moves looked obscene. No surprise that the highlight of the night was when they performed ‘Candy’. Anyone who has frequented RnB clubs in recent years will be familiar with the Candy Dance which was featured in the African American rom com, The Best Man. Picture a thousand plus revellers trying to perform this repetitive routine in synchronisation. Pure jokes! The night was topped off with an after party featuring back to back soul classics from the 80’s and early 90’s. I saw so many old faces from my primary and secondary school that I felt as if I had stepped back in time. All I kept thinking was ‘wow, I wonder what so and so has been doing over the last 20 years?’. A very surreal and reflective night, but a feelgood one nonetheless. Word! 


Ondo Lady said...

Awwww that concert sounds fabulous. I wish I had been there. Were the other two guys there?

MsQuiche said...

Yeah, I had a great night. You know what? STill not sure if the other two were there. They're not as recognisable as Larry, and as I missed the first ten mins of the show I missed the introductions.

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