Thursday, 2 April 2009

Beenie Wants A Taste of Love

Who knew that fallen rapper Flavour Flav could exert such powers of influence over his music industry peers. As atrocious as his reality show is, Flavour of Love, continues to somehow inspire others with Beenie Man being the latest star to jump on the dating show bandwagon. According to Overgroundonline, the reggae DJ is gearing up to film a pilot for his reality show tipped to be titled Girls Dem Sugar. This sounds bad. I mean, really bad. My eyes are already bleeding just conjuring the mental image of a bunch of purple headed weave-a-holic dancehall queens performing x-rated handstands in the hope of becoming Beenie's Suga. Ewww! 


1 comment:

Ondo Lady said...

OMG please tell me you are joking. That sounds like a nightmare come true.

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