Sunday, 13 April 2008

Black Brit Actors are Underexposed

Angela Wynter @ Underexposed by Franklyn Rodgers

This month marks the arrival of two fantastic photography exhibitions at the National Portrait Gallery. The main idea behind these exhibitions is to give much-needed exposure to the Black acting talent which resides in this country. It's no secret that celebrated thespians such as Chiwetel Ejiofor, David Harewood and Sophie Okonedo, have all had to up-sticks and relocate to the USA, or risk being confined to a life-time of caricature roles: cue, Gus from Eastenders. The two exhibitions are unique in their own right. 'Underexposed' by Franklyn Rodgers presents a series of stunning black and white portraits. While 'Want to see more of me' by Donald MacLellan features his subjects photographed in a beautiful looking stately home. For futher details on both exhibitions visit Below are some more pics.

Top: Chiwetel Ejiofor @ Want to see more of me
Middle: David Harewood @ Underexposed
Bottom: Sophie Okonedo @ Want to see more of me


Ondo Lady said...

Well it is about time we had something like this. I also agree that Gus from Eastenders is very sad.

MsQuiche said...

Yeah tell me about it, there was also another black photo exhib called Black Britainia which I didn't get round to seeing.

BTW, I can't seem to post comments on your blog. You probably guessed that the anon comment re: Mica Paris was me.

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