Thursday, 17 April 2008

Choccie Bits

Naomi Says 'Power to the People'... or something like that.

Naomi Campbell claims that her recent antics on board a BA plane was an act of martyrdom, performed to give voice to suppressed folk who lost their baggage during Heathrow's T5 fiasco. Whatever next? Naomi for Mayor? Lawd help us. Read here: 

Ain't no Stoppin' her Now!

Leona Lewis has flown to the top of the US charts, making her the first British artist ever to do so. See story.

Mariah responds with 'Oh really?'

Mariah will be appearing on American Idol tonight (I know it's dry this year, but probably worth watching tuning in). The superstar will mentor the remaining contestants as well as do a 'Leona who? Don't write me off yet bitches' performance.

"And I'm telling you... I am not going!"

Western states have joined forces with the United Nations to get Zimbabwe to speed up and make an official statement regarding the election results. Read here.

So The Rumours Were True?

Bill Cosby really has recorded a hip-hop album, and apparently it's pretty good.

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