Monday, 7 April 2008

Choccie Bits

You can bark as loud as you want to; you're still not coming in...

Or so says Britain's Border Agency, who are still fighting to keep Snoop out of the country. Personally, I'm more concerned about the crimes against my ear-drums he has inflicted over the last couple of years. What happened to the Snoop who effortlessly penned rap gems of yesteryear such as Gin & Juice? We miss dawg.

Thandie Takes on Condee

This should be an interesting move. Our Thandie has bagged the role of US Secretary of State, Condelezza Rice, who she'll portray in a forthcoming biopic based on the life of George W Bush. Thandie will apparently be the first non-American to portray someone in the US Administration. Good on ya girl.

Tricia's Breast Cancer shock

The queen of British daytime telly, Tricia Goddard announced yesterday that she has breast cancer. A lump was discovered three weeks ago, which was abruptly removed. Her husband, Peter Gianfrancesco, says she may have to undergo further treatment such as chemotherapy. This is shocking news. But if we've learned anything about the feisty 50 year-old, it's she is a fighter. Let's wish her speedy recovery. 

Handy-man charged with the murder of British Woman

Jamaican police have arrested a man on suspicion of murdering a 61 year old British woman at her holiday home on the island. Omar Reid, 31 will appear in court this week charged with the murder of Barbara Scott-Jones. As someone with a huge family base in JA, when I came across this story it sent a huge shiver down my spine. I can only hope Barbara's family can find some solace through the arrest.


Ondo Lady said...

Thandie as Condi, wow what a turn up. I am sure Ms Newton will act her socks off, that lady is an amazing talent. So sad about Trisha, I am sure she will beat this.

MsQuiche said...

Hey girl, how are things? Yeah, I'm sure Thandie will do the do, she's one talented chica. So sad about Tricia. But like I said, the woman personifies the word survivor. I read a review of her autobiography today in the London Paper. I didn't realise just how much she has been through. Hopefully I can blag a freebie.

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