Wednesday, 27 August 2008

Hey it's me, you know, the wotless blogger!

Okay, okay so I'm guilty yet again of letting the pressure of  work deadlines get to me, hence my lack of online presence. It sucker punches me every month. Despite my best intentions, meticulous planning, and initial positive mental attitude,  around the 2nd week of every month you can almost guarantee that I will revert into a sweaty, jittery, bad tempered, mess. Poor Rich. I don't know how he manages to put up with me. I could go into the myriad of reasons why my work life is so routinely chaotic, which basically boils down to mis-management, but I'll leave that for another post. 

So what have I been up to? Well the last time I posted which I believe was on Saturday the 16th August,  I arrived home following a hair appointment from hell,  when my hairdresser proceeded to chop off two inches of my hair much to my horror. Inside I felt like one of those snivelling, snotty nosed, hysterical black girls on America's Next Top Model during makeover week, as I sat in the leather swivel chair watching my locks fall by the wayside. Instantly I went from being a giggling, self-righteous onlooker to a fully certified of said sorority. But I had to firm it. I felt too shame to put on the water-works so  had to fake an half arse smile through gritted teeth instead. So a welcome distraction from my hair-horrifics when I returned home was Usain Bolt's remarkable 100 win at the Beijing Olympics.  And from that day I went Olympics crazy and was hooked. I basically didn't want to leave my house. Jamaica did me proud as I predicted with sterling efforts from Bolt, Veronica Campbell (winner of 200m), Shelly Ann Fraser (winner of 100m), Melaine Walker (winner of 400 m hurdles) and the Jamaican 4x4 men's 100 m relay team. There's been much speculation as to how a small island of less than 3 million can churn out such world class talent, but Shelly Ann couldn't have put it better when she remarked during her BBC post race interview "Ah di yam and banana produce di top three". She's so right. Plus of course the efforts of the fantastic Jamaican coaches who are instilling the ethics of discipline, hard work, and self belief in their young proteges and the world is finally seeing the results. Roll on 2012.

So the Olympics ended and I decided that maybe I need to get a bit of a life. Signal last weekend when after much dossing out on the sofa I reluctantly agreed to get my glad rags on and head down to Amplified for their third installment of the hugely popular Prince VS Michael Jackson musical showdown. It was a lovely night although the Prince selector could have destroyed MJ in the slow jam round... Huh? Didn't get it. 'The Most Beautiful Girl in the World'? What about 'Adore', 'Ssh' or 'If I was Your Girlfriend'?N'eer mind, a fun night was had by all and everything was in good spirits. Above are a few pics from the night. And if you want to find out about future Amplified events visit


Ondo Lady said...

Welcome back to the fold. I totally understand your hectic schedule so no explanations needed. Yeah, JA rocked it and blasted everyone out of the place. I was not really looking forward to the Beijing Olympics but they have been amazing and I really hope London in 2012 can hold the standard and maybe raise it.

MsQuiche said...

Awww, thank you sweetie. Thing is, I really enjoy blogging and find it quite frustrating when I don't have the time to indulge.

Beijing was amazing but couldn't help thinking cor, we could end world hunger with the money spent on the opening/closing ceremonies.

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