Saturday, 16 August 2008

Bolt of Lightning in Beijing

Who's been watching the Olympics? To be honest I've barely been tuning in due to the time difference. But this should all change today due to the fact that my favourite event - track in field - is now in full swing. About this time during the tournament my every move is planned according to the sprinting schedule. Oh yeah, and at this stage I also tend to reject my British-ness and embrace my Jamo roots to the maximum. 

With this current world class Jamaican squad, can you really blame me? I sat and watched 22 year old Usain Bolt complete his 100 heats in 9.92 seconds yesterday with great finesse. The cocky so and so even had the cheek to ease off during the final couple of yards. If he continues to perform this way during the next round, he should nab the Gold, but with the 100m final you never can tell.  One shouldn't rule out fellow-Jamaican, Asafa Powell who was in the same position as Bolt in the last Olympics but buckled under pressure during the final. And Tyson Gay is much more experienced than both of his Jamaican rivals, and the Yanks tend to have nerves of steel when under the kosh. The finals take place today, may the best man win. 

Side-note: For a fascinating look at why so many world class sprinters tend to be of Caribbean or African American heritage cop a look at Colin Jackson's documentary The Making of Me which aired on BBC1 recently. And Check out Usain's 'stroll on the track' below for a piece of sprinting magic. 


Ondo Lady said...

Usain Bolt is a true talent and so gifted. He really is a joy to watch. I missed that doc by Colin Jackson, it sounds really interesting. I hope they repeat it.

MsQuiche said...

It was repeated recently on Beeb one. Check BBC3 or BBC4 listings. They tend to repeat a lot of Beeb docs.

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