Friday, 26 June 2009

Michael Jackson: Curtain Call

So tired. So much to say/write. But I can't. Right now I'm glued to my TV as I realise I am witnessing history. So many poignant MJ memories:

- Watching Thriller for the first time at my friend Mandy's house and being equally in awe of his brilliance as I was petrified of the werewolfs and zombies jumping around the screen. 

- Learning the routine from start to finish with my brother and performing it in front of my mum and my aunt. 

- Hearing the Thriller album for the first time and thinking it's the most perfect and complete album I have ever heard in my life. 

- Queuing up from the crack of dawn to see Michael perform at Wembley Stadium only to have someone come out and announce that he won't be showing up as he is unwell (ironically I was planning to see him again next month). 

- Watching my four year old shock out to 'Don't Stop Til You Get Enough' and it warming my heart. 

I truly believe that it was the stress of the planned 02 shows that caused Michael to have a heart attack. But didn't he always say he wanted to die on stage? I guess the fact he died mere hours after rehearsing for his comeback tour means in some way he did. Now all we are left with is the music and his legacy. And I plan to dig deep into his back catalogue tmrw in way of celebration. Look out for your girl moon-walking and hee hee-ing down the street. 

RIP Michael Joseph Jackson: August 1958 - June 2009 xxx

Mine and Richie's favourite ever Michael Jackson song

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