Tuesday, 30 June 2009

Michael & Janet

Beautiful photo tribute to the relationship between brother and sister, Michael & Janet Jackson. For more pics visit the Essence website here

Still can't believe it...


Ondo Lady said...

What lovely pictures, seeing all those images of Michael back in the day makes me remember what a beautiful man he was. It is really a tragedy that he could never see how bloody gorgeous he was.

MsQuiche said...

You know what? I'm only just re-discovering how gorgeous looking he was in his prime. Still at a loss for words. It's just all too heartbreaking.

K.HART said...

Here, here i agree!

MJ was a good looking black man and didn't need to have the numerous amount of surger that he did. It's such a sad shame!

It just goes to show how one negative comment can sow a seed and leave people feeling less confident and insecure about the person they are supposed to be.

My Fashion Frenzy said...

Janet was such a cute little girl :)

Millytilly said...

Preach K-Hart! It's true though...the first nose job was enough...but we'll never know the real reason behind the extensive surgery, etc. And in truth, who really cares? His tunes man. It's all about the tunes. Man - I STILL can't believe he's gone...I really wanted to meet him!

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