Wednesday, 1 July 2009

Good Times

Every time I think I’m coming to terms with Michael Jackson’s untimely death, I receive an email or a Facebook/Twitter link that pulls the life out of my heartstrings. The attached clip is one such item. It’s merely a random interview recorded at the height of Michael’s fame, which features MJ and big sis Latoya just sitting around in their house participating in random chat, as brothers and sisters do. Take a look at how happy he seemed. How at ease he seemed. How stunning he was. How funny he was. Seriously guys, I’ve got a lump the size of a buffalo lodged in my throat. Michael’s life should not have ended so tragically. 


Millytilly said...



This made me feel a bit sad, ya know.

A couple of things - MJ was so charismatic! But then, he was in his 20s so that youthful exuberance is to be expected I suppose...but he just seemed so SWEET! And LaToya looked so, so lovely! (nose job aside). She really seemed in awe of her brother...not competive, just in awe.

Oh wow...what a rare, lovely clip. Thanks for posting.

MsQuiche said...

Doesn't it just pull at the heartstrings? Latoya was so stunning wasn't she? So vivacious and funny, a total contrast to that wimp of a woman we saw on Big Brother earlier this year.

Anonymous said...

He was just so beautiful..

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