Thursday, 10 July 2008

A bad, bad Diva

So there I was on a Monday evening, battling through the torrential rain in an effort to see one of my all time favourite vocalists, Chaka Khan, perform at her album launch party. We were told to get to the venue for 7.30pm, with Chaka expected to grace the stage at approximately 8.30pm. So enthusiastically me and Cynthia left from work and arrived in central London around 7.15. We quickly grabbed a bite to eat (well if you can refer to McDonalds as such) and headed to the Paper nightclub in Picadilly. Now I know any self-respecting diva wouldn't dare turn up on stage at the allocated time. So when 8.30 came and went in a flash, I didn't bat an eyelid, enjoying the gentle camaraderie and catch ups with industry faces I hadn't seen in a while. But then an hour and a half later, I started to get a little tetchy - this was Monday night after all. Plus there was no other acts to enjoy, or seats, or even a compere to explain to the crowd how much longer we had to wait. The only thing we had to hold on to was the tiny stage area with 4 microphones set up on it. So with conversations and banter running dry, the crowd started to get restless. Me and the girls tried in vain to get a little vocal protest going, chanting out "Chaka, Chaka, Chaka", but to no avail (the media crowd are far too cool and composed for that). It wasn't until around 10.45pm that a compere came on stage to say that she would be around another 15 mins. Those fifteen minutes dragged on for half and hour, until finally the moment we all patiently waited for  arrived. Although sounding shaky to begin with, Chaka tore through a song taken off her new album "Funk This". She sang another track from the album before launching into her classic "I'm Every Woman"(sidenote: which was hilarious by the way. Does anyone remember Leee John from 80's soul outfit, Imagination? Well he was in the audience. And as soon as he heard this track he rushed to the front of the stage where we were standing and tried to push in front of me. But after waiting for such a long time, I refused to give up my spot. So instead he stood behind me, placed one hand on my shoulder and was waving the other in the air while screeching in a strained falsetto "I'm everrry wooo-man". Too funny). And then it was over in a flash. What? A three hour wait for a mere three songs - oh hell no.  Although I was extremely pissed by the whole chain of events, there is no denying that Chaka has a phenomenal set of vocal pipes. Her voice doesn't even sound human. It reminds me of a musical instrument, such as a saxophone, it's absolutely out of this world. But being blessed with such a gift doesn't warrant one the permission to take advantage of the very same people who turned out to support you. She didn't apologise for her tardiness, not once. C'mon now, that's just basic courtesy. I've since discovered that she appeared on London Tonight the very same evening, and also did an in-store signing. So possibly the cock up could be due to mis-management.  But whatever the case, I think I'll now scrap plans to go and see her at the Indig02 later on this month. This musical love affair is officially over. 


robbie said...
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Ondo Lady said...

LOL, LOL!! This is so hilarious!! I wish I had been there to see it. She was on the Jonathon Ross a few days later and was as sweet as pie.

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