Tuesday, 8 July 2008

The Return of June

June Sarpong has been off the scene for a while, but today could be found in the Independent and the Metro. The TV presenter is doing the rounds to promote her new website Politicsinthecity , a slick, interactive site aimed at merging politics and entertainment. I've checked it out briefly and it's pretty cool. Our Junie also revealed to the press that she is busy working on a film and sitcom - see below. Way to go girlie!

June Sarpong has said that she will be working on a movie with Anna Friel in 2009.The former T4 presenter ALO revealed that a TV sitcom she devised is currently being turned into a film."Daisy Donovan is doing re-writes for us and we're talking to Anna Friel so fingers crossed it should all come together for next year," Sarpong told Metro. "The idea was my own. I used to be a plugger for a record company before I did TV”. She added: "It's like a Devil Wears Prada but in the music industry."

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Ondo Lady said...

Yeah I saw the piece about her in the Metro. Not seen the Indy article yet. I will check out the site later although my first thoughts of it was that it sounded cheesy. Good to see her back and glad that she has not lost her love for lipgloss.

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