Friday, 4 July 2008

Guess who's back?

One of Richard's snaps. Pretty cool, right?

I'm home and dry following a glorious 12 days of sunshine, food and relaxation in Kingston, Jamaica. After a stressful lead up to my break, I packed up all of my troubles and headed to the islands to be loved and pampered by my mummy, who returned back to her country of birth
almost 10 years ago.

Considering it's my second home now, there were no surprises as such. Jamaica still remains the paradoxical island it has always been, plagued by a never ending onslaught of senseless violence, yet retaining a strong mystical and spiritual compass that keeps the population together. Based on my familiarity, there was no reason for me to be constantly on the go. We did the lunch and dinner thing, the Devon House thing (a stately home open to tourists which produces the best ice cream), went to a plush upscale party, and shopped at Half Way Tree, the local shopping area. But essentially it was all about the relaxation. And granting myself the time and breathing space to plan my next move, and to spend time with the family. Rich and Khy much to my pleasant surprise rarely got on my nerves. In fact, my only low point was succumbing to a dreadful stomach bug for two days down at Ochi, of which I spent the entire time locked up in the hotel room permanently placed over the toilet bowl. Not nice. The high point was helping my mum to organise a function for 50 people in her spacious and immaculately kept garden. Picture me and Rich dressing tables and tying decorative bows on the back of chairs, while dripping with sweat trying to work in the 30 plus degrees heat. The things we do eh? The party was for a lovely couple who were celebrating their 25th wedding anniversary. The finished article was resplendent. At night watching the party guests sit on tables lit by candles, listening to the sounds of Celine Dion (who else?) was one of the most romantic settings I've ever been fortunate enough to witness.

I'm fully immersed back into the rat race already. Initially I felt ready to jump back on the horse, but having the time away to reflect on my TOO HECTIC lifestyle has lead to some pretty insightful revelations that will probably result in some drastic life changes in the upcoming months. Will keep you posted as ever...


Ondo Lady said...

Welcome back lady. You were well and truly missed.

MsQuiche said...

Thank you girl. Good to be back. Well if we ignore the depressing weather of course.

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