Saturday, 19 July 2008

Jamelia goes in search of the owner of her weave

Jamelia sans trademark hair extensions

After the hair-revelation

Jamelia in her blissfully ignorant weave-wearing days.

Tune into BBC3 at 9pm tomorrow (Sunday) and watch chart-sensation, Jamelia, as she travels to India to report on the human hair extension industry. In Britain alone we spend up to  £65 million a year on human hair. So as part of BBC3’s Beauty Season, the programme aims to unveil the shroud of mystery surrounding how hair is sourced and sold. That means posing questions such as, is your 1B, 14 inch wet and wavy bought from the local hair shop in Peckham, taken from the dead bodies of Asian women? Or furthermore, forcefully taken from female prisoners in Eastern Europe? Lawd, I shudder to think.

Throughout her travels Jamelia allegedly makes some startling discoveries, which unsettles her conscience. And by the time the programme wraps the singer vows never to wear hair extensions again (I wouldn’t mind taking a bet on how long that lasts). Jamelia says: 

“Although for a black woman I would be described as having 'good' hair - because it is long and straight - naturally, it is not luxurious, thick or sleek enough to meet the demands of the endless photo shoots and concerts I am involved in for my career.

That's why, in many of the photographs you see of me, I am wearing hair extensions.

For me, putting in my hair extensions feels like a confidence booster, like a man putting on a smart suit.

I wear them to bring out the best in me and to transform myself from busy mum of two into my alter ego, Jamelia the pop star.”

I’m not too sure about the ‘good hair’ comments, but hey, that’s just my opinion. This "black woman" was taught that there is no such thing as good or bad hair, that hair types are simply 'different.' And it's an opinion I'll always abide by. That said, I’ll definitely be tuning in though. For the first time in years, I’m wearing a hair weave, and I’m ashamed to admit - I feel as if I’m becoming a bit of a weave-o-holic. I may sound contradictory in view of my comments above, but it’s simply a matter of convenience to be honest. Although I adore my natural tresses, the constant plaiting, twisting, getting up early in the morning to style, having to resort to hats and scarves in the event of a bad hair day, can become a real bummer, especially when you have a hyper three year old to tend to. So let’s hope that I won’t be too put off by the hair horrifics tomorrow. I’ve got my eyes set on a 20 inch Diana Ross-esq hook up. 

Jamelia: Whose Hair is it Anyway? BBC3, Sunday 20th July


Ondo Lady said...

I watched this and it did not tell me anything more than I already knew. I was bemused by some of Jamelia's statements such as 'I will never wear a weave again' Talk about outlandish, I have never seen her with anything BUT a weave. As for her shock at learning that the weaves were from human hair, please get real. It says human hair on the packet. She was so annoying!! Lets not even start with her Toni and Guy advert.

Venus Watson said...

@ Ondo Lady, That might be true, yes it does say human hair on the package however, it does not say that " Oh by the way we held down a crying toddler, and mislead millions of poor Indians to get this hair" sorry nothing against you but read in between the lines.

Anonymous said...

@Venus Watson I don't understand why people keep saying these Indians are misled. They know that when they cut their hair the temples will use it. The temples auction the hair to companies, but the temples spend the money they earn back on the people through public services, education, etc. The Indians know this. I don't think its our place to look down on their religion or their rite of passage or call their faith "misleading".

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