Sunday, 4 May 2008

Back to UK Blak pt 2

When you're a child you really don't know what good music is, do you? When Sade first hit the scene in the early 80's, I was hard pressed to understand what all the media hype was about. Maybe my infantile mind was too restless to sit back and appreciate the whisper like vocals, dinner jazz compositions, and understated coolness of Sade and her cohorts. I dunno... I just didn't get it. Fast forward to 2008 though and I'm a fully fledged Sade devotee. Looking back at the old music videos shows just how ahead of time she was. Sade captured the zeitgeist of 80's Britain, a time when the general population aspired to an upwardly mobile social status, a standard of existence that is still adhered to. Her style was iconic too. With trademark slick ponytail and fire engine red lips, the former St Martin's fashion student always looked as if she'd just strutted off the pages of British Vogue. And what I also love about Sade is that her elegant, cappuccino sipping, thoroughly middle-class imaging, works at total odds with how she conducts life off-stage. This is the woman for instance who had the Jamaican police force, no less, hunting her down for dangerous driving and disobeying an officer - bad gyal! Although her album releases are too few and far in-between, she still remains one of the greatest Black British musical acts this country has produced. 'Your Love is King' is one of the earlier hits from her debut album, 'Diamond Life'. Enjoy!

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