Monday, 26 May 2008

BET on Black Brit Beauty

Jamelia strikes a pose

It seems as if the programmers at BET have finally got their act together. When the channel launched in the UK a few months ago it was criticised strongly for churning out old programmes which were aired in the US months ago. Now UK audiences are pretty clued up on what is happening across the pond, so they couldn't pull the wool over our eyes. So taking the criticism on board last night they aired an half hour profille on Estelle's US escapades, and tonight at 8.30pm you can check out 'Beauty Blackout' a programme which takes a look at mainstream attitudes to black beauty. The show will be hosted by Britsh journalist, Sharon Carpenter and feature interviews with the likes of Jamelia, Alesha Dixon, and Rachel Ritfield, so the programme makers have obviously done their home work...Should be a good one. Check it out if you can.

Beauty Blackout, BET, Sky Channel 209

Correction: The show airs from 8pm - 9pm


Ondo Lady said...

Yes I agree that BET waa a total let down when it first started. But damm that programme sounds really good. I will try and see if I can catch the repeat.

Anonymous said...

It was quite good. Only a half hour show in the end but covered quite a lot. BET repeats shows like all the time so no doubt you'll catch it another time

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