Saturday, 17 May 2008

Back to UK Blak pt 3 - Glen Goldsmith

Oh my gosh, I laughed soooooo loud when I found this clip on You Tube. I really didn't think any other living soul would remember Glen Goldsmith apart from me. For those who don't know, Glen Goldsmith was a Black British soul artist who scored a hit with a song called 'Dreaming' during the mid-late 80's. The song was a nice enough two step soul ditty, but my young adolescent self was more preoccupied with the way he looked. Back in the day he's what we would refer to as a sweet boy. I've got a bit of a Glen Goldsmith story actually, don't worry, it's innocent enough. While doing the promotional rounds for his hit single he came down to my local Our Price (which was a rival to HMV for those not old enough to remember) in Lewisham and you know I just had to be there. So me and my bessie mate Antonia arrived at the store in what we thought was good time, but was surprised to see hordes of equally enthusiastic young women queueing to get a moment with their idol. Nonetheless we joined the queue, and I remember spotting a few friends from school and having a catch up. And then it happened....I finally got the chance to met him. He was handsome, no doubt, but I was mortified to discover he was tiny... We're talking Prince tiny. Probably no taller than me and I'm 5ft 3 and a lil' bit. So alas, my GG fixation slowly started to wane. Also, now looking back at this clip as a "sophisticated adult, I'm surprised to see how camp he looks. The leather jacket, leather gloves, eyeliner, incessant vogue-ing, were all a bit lost member of the Village People. But was he genuinely camp or were all men like this in the 80's? Hmph, the verdict is still out on that one. I've Wilkepedia'd my childhood crush and and apparently he hasn't migrated to 'One Hit Wonder Heaven' but has been busy writing songs for other artists, and was the author behind the mega hit 'Mysterious Girl' by Peter Andre. Not bad eh? Check out the video and tell me what you think.


badbway said...

Glens my brother and I can
Tell you he's 5.5 average hight Donie and a lot of boys where around that hieght but not 5.3 you insist he is that wa in your mind .
Every one was camp back then and glen being bought up upper to middle class had no idea of what camp
Meant .
He's so devoted to making great music .
Glen has long eyelashes naturly he wore no make upand also told me that he was so nervouse and so wore gloves to feel secure .
As an adult as you say you should be leaving those things behind you .
Glens doing extremely well cos 1 he's genuine and real.
Talented to the max.
He was not happy at his performanace on top of the pops a
But felt hes the only black artist righ then thats making waves .It's not easy being a solo black star and I'm so proud of him .
Did you write this cos you must look and feel mash? I can tell you glen still looks amazing and is still loved and deeply respected for his chart history and great music he still makes . He's not interested if any one remembers him cos life goes on and he moves with it.
His new song on his own label Soul on soul records is out and has entered the uk soul chart at 28 and gaining huge response . Titled JAMMIN IN THE PLACE !!

Anonymous said...

Ok this is a peace of nastiness from the person that set this up .
what was she doing at thirteen looking man before she go do somting better like school work .
she never was into glens music a man she a look and then felt let down because Glen never lived up to her sleazy bed wetting dreams.
artist like Glen Goldsmith only come round once in a blue moon and then change the face of music for the rest of us black artist so we can prosper and get what we work hard for .
that is a nasty peace of a blog and i can bet she look back at her own actions and feel shame ca a man she de a look .
i mean why set up a hole website to blog such a comment on bway Glen must a really upset her .
I know Glen and i can tell you him look normal to me.. .
ive even had the pleasure of being in the studio with him and its like a magical experience .
Glen hears things in music i cant hear and can relay them perfectly, and thats what he's about ..not no stupid gal crush .
move an goway ca you must look like sower bread fruit wa a go off by now .
Pure foolishness you come wid gal you no have nothing better fe do ??
cheesy pussy gal!!

Anonymous said...

This article is slander !
First of all this artist is so loved and respected for his craft that what this woman fails to understand is she's looking at this artist as celeb whores do .
This artist is a real artist not a celeb fame hungry singer looking for any praise apart from us likening his music or not liking his music .
Yes in the 80 s only a few made it u could count them in one hand . But all those artist had a reason to do what they did .
From interviews I've heard most recently from Glen Goldsmith will prove my point .
He always speaks only about his music and who he likes or is working with artist wise .
He never speaks about stupid stuf like himself or personal shit.
This artist laid the foundation for others to follow in he worked his nuts off and that's why you will still see him out there giving others no 1 songs or having no 1 songs still to this day .
Look at his profile and there is nothing apart from a very clever wise person that seems meek enough to leave his thoughts on how we should strive do well be good to each other and he talks to ppl like this woman that spent her valuable time slating soul star Mr Glen Goldsmith.
She has her reasons I guess but I ask where is she truly coming from ? I don't find what she put up here appetising refreshing or helpful it stincks of hatred and vile black woman syndrome when a woman is scorned this is how she would act .
Bad press only helps reveal the true person because the ppl that know are who matters .
This woman has no idea who mr Goldsmith is or what he thinks and has no respect for a black brother elevating himself to a standard she will never atain .
Vertically will be impossible .
Mr Goen Goldsmith has had some outstanding music over the last 20 od years some he wrote for others but continues to break record after record .
Hit after hit .
I personally loved dreaming I won't cry save a little bit .
I love even more his new works ..
Jammin in the place
So @ ease

Her article dose not dieter me one bit its vengeful and shows how some black woman act when disturbed mentally .
Don't try and come of all intelligent hiding behind your ugly thoughts or trying to incorrage others to be as low in the dirt as you who ever you are .
They don't see what you see .
Yes he looks 80s but set standards he was clean looking had a image you could not forget bloody handsome beautiful infact .
And his music sold in the millions and still sells today .
Whats your point ? I don't get it apart from hatred of your own race hated you couldn't get near hatred your friends loved Glen Goldsmith but you felt left out .
Hatred because of your own expectations that failed once you saw him in the flesh he never batterd his stunning eyes at you probably because he can sense evil coming his way that's why he's done well he stays away from black whores like you that use your intellect to do only wrong to others and yourself .
We should be celebrating his success because any success from a black brother is the black community's success .
Do you Get it now ???
Stick to what you know because you know nothing about the music industry obviously .

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