Saturday, 31 May 2008

Back to UK Blak pt 4 - Soul II Soul

Congratulations to Jazzie B for winning an Inspiration Award at the recent Ivor Novello Awards. It's only fitting that I dedicate the next installment of Back to UK Blak to one of my favourite groups, like ever. 'Back to Life' and 'Keep on Moving' still remain the group's most popular hits, but for me it was always about this track. 'Fairplay' featuring the cool and classy Rose Windross on lead vocals, conjures the feel-good spirit of the soul clubs during the 80's (not that I'd know about it, my mum rarely let me out). Check out the flamboyant styling, and unabashed creative expression. This was the first time we were exposed to Soul II Soul's style ethos which comprised of medallions with African flag pendants, funky dreads and bold, vibrant head wraps. The group's main influences were from Africa, the Caribbean and America - the three strongest influences for Black British youths of my generation. If my memory serves me correctly the video was shot at one of the legendary Soul II Soul nights at the Africa Centre in Covent Garden. I remember as a youngster really wanting to go, but the closest I got was visiting their library with my best mate Antonia during the daytime *frown*.

Side-note: I've also posted another video from the group, "Missing You" feat Kym Mazelle. I totally forgot about this track, what a choon!

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Ondo Lady said...

Wow, those tunes still sound amazing and fresh. They should re-release the album and I am sure it will get to the top of the charts. Soul II Soul had the full kerbang; sound, vocals, image, clothes,,, What a group.

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