Wednesday, 28 May 2008

When your blog turns around and bites you

I came across the really interesting article in today's Independent about an ex-Gawker publication blogger, Emily Gould, who received a bitter dose of her own medicine when the finger of scrutiny and derision that she leveled at celebrities during her blog posts, reversed inwardly as she rose through the ranks to emerge as a pseudo-celeb herself. The piece offered some really interesting insights into the psyche of us bloggers, suggesting that bloggers blog out of a deep seated desire for validation from peers and society alike. Mmm interesting point. Read the piece for yourself.


Ondo Lady said...

Yes I read that article today. So insightful but I did think that she was a bit foolish discussing her boyfriend’s business in her blogs and then getting vexed when he told her to remove it. I have never really got into Gawker although I am addicted to its sister Jezebel but I will be logging on as of today.

MsQuiche said...

Yeah I know right, although she does admit to being quite naive about the whole blogging thing. To be quite honest prior to reading the piece I don't think I had even ever heard of Gawker. And since browsing through it's not half as vicious as some of the other blogs. Interesting piece though.

Ondo Lady said...

I have just read an article on Jezebel and apparently that article was originally publihsed in New York magazine but the Indie borrowed it.

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