Tuesday, 6 January 2009

Back To UK Blak - Five Star

Am I the only one who is already totally engrossed in this year’s Celebrity Big Brother? Yesterday just watching the tragic dance moves of the eccentric, woman-child, Latoya Jackson, conjured memories of Britain’s own version of The Jacksons - Five Star. Oh how I wanted to be the 6th member when I was growing up. I even wrote to Jim to fix it for me to appear alongside them (true story). But thankfully he saved me from  a lifetime of embarrassment. Although having said that, there’s no denying that Britain’s First Family of Bling knew how to through down a choon. ‘Let Me Be The One’ was my track. Unlike their subsequent hits (Rain or Shine anyone?), this song had an authenticity and credibility that was deeply lacking during their superstardom years. So where are they now? Well after the money dried up they relocated to Los Angeles. Stedman has since  moved back to the UK and is (cough cough) making an album. And next month Denise is set to star in Thriller Live, the multi-media musical based on the life of Michael Jackson (obviously still enthralled by the moon-walking mad genius). With the likes of Take That and New Kids forming successful reunions, I’d pay good money to see the fab five don those red sequin jumpsuits once again. What do you reckon? 

Let Me Be The One


Harlem Loves... said...

"eccentric woman-child" i don't think i'll ever read a more fitting description of latoya jackson.

MsQuiche said...

LOL! I'm loving Latoya though. She's such great entertainment value despite the fact that her lips and face rarely move.

Chic Chocolate said...

I LOVE Five Star!!!!! We were big fans in the States. Where are they now?

MsQuiche said...

Wow, didn't realise they cracked the US. Well I believe 3 members reside in LA, and Deniece and Stedman are now working in the UK. Let's hold out for that reunion tour, lol.

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