Thursday, 8 January 2009

Naomie to Star in Small Island

A few years ago you’d be hard pressed to get on any train or tube without seeing a commuter holding a copy of Andrea Levy’s 'Small Island'. The book, about a pair of Jamaican immigrants and their relationship with their English landlords, put Levy on the literary map affording her with various awards and critical praise. The BBC have since announced that they are producing a feature length film based on the novel. The project is in the pre-production stages but it has been confirmed that Naomie Harris will take the lead role as the main protagonist, Hortense. 2009 should be a breakthrough year for Naomie. The talented actress has starred in numerous Hollywood blockbusters such as Miami Vice and The Pirates of the Caribbean series, but still remains relatively unknown in her country of birth. Alongside her leading role in Small Island she’ll also star on in indie Rom Com My Last Five Girlfriends, loosely based on Alain de Botton's Essays in Love. Let's hope she finally gets the recognition she deserves. 

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Ondo Lady said...

She is a fantastic actress and seems like a lovely lady. I am sure she will get her dues. Look at Sophie Okonedo, she did loads of stuff before she got her massive break in Hotel Rwanda.

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