Sunday, 18 January 2009

The BAFTA's Tout Noel as a Rising Star

Congratulations goes out to film director, Noel Clarke, who has been shortlisted for a BAFTA Award. The 37 year old actor/film-maker is listed among four others including Juno actor Michael Cera, for his gritty street drama, AdulthoodThe Orange Rising Star Award will run in conjunction with the Mirror, and is the only award that is voted for by the public.  Despite the recognition though, Mr Clarke doesn't seem too confident that he'll seal the deal. He told reporters:

"I think I'm the underdog. I don't think anyone is expecting me to get it. I think people know who they think will get it. I think Rebecca Hall's brilliant so if anyone I wouldn't mind if she won, although Fassbender's great and so is Toby, so for me there's no favourite to who I prefer," he said. 

Now come on Noel, that's hardly keeping within the spirit of 'Yes We Can'. In all honesty I think he's in with just as much as a chance as anybody. Adulthood was a good film, and pretty impressive for a first time director. The winner will be announced at the awards ceremony in February, but I can guarantee that I won't be watching. Is it just me, or is the BAFTA's the most boring ceremony known to man? I'll make do with catching up with the highlights online. 

To vote for Noel visit 

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Ondo Lady said...

I just voted for him and I hope he gets it. He is such a talented actor.

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