Tuesday, 13 January 2009

Why VV's Tops!

If there's any justice in the world we should be seeing a lot of this young lady in the upcoming year. VV Brown is a 24 year old singer/songwriter who hails from Northampton, and is the hottest signing to Island Records, the iconic label behind Amy Winehouse. So what does she sound like? Unlike anyone you've heard before. Her influences are far reaching, resulting in a unique hybrid which blends 50's doo-wop, punk, dub and indie pop. Her brilliant debut single 'Crying Blood' is currently receiving heavy rotation on my You Tube playlist. I call it my 'clean up' tune. The 3 minute blast of energy instantly puts you in an upbeat mood, and will have you cleaning up your home from top to bottom in no time. The video to accompany the track is ultra cool. I love her throwback style - the crazy flat top hairstyle, the trainers with sparkly mini-dress, the offbeat dance moves - what a refreshing change to the generic R&B chick we've been force fed for the best part of the last 10-15 years. Many compare VV to the equally vivacious Janelle Monae. I've only heard a few Janelle tracks, so I'm not wholly familiar with her music, but I get the comparison. This year I predict that the likes of VV, Janelle, Laura Izibor and Santogold will step to the forefront. And about time too. It's time the world recognised that Black women are not an homogeneous group. We are just as distinct and varied as any other group. 

Despite her album not dropping until Spring, VV was recently longlisted as a finalist for the BBC's Sound of 2009. The list is designed to find the best up-and-coming acts for the coming year, and although she didn't win (she came 7th, placed just behind Lady Ga Ga) it's a great accomplishment nonetheless. Read her unique story here. 

And when you're done check out Crying Blood below, followed by a few clips from her channel - VV TV. 


Harlem Loves... said...

I raise my hand to making the Janelle Monae comparison. I also think they are both so incredibly unique I do hope she makes a big splash in 09. Love her style

MsQuiche said...

Yeah, I totally understand the comparison. I'm not complaining though, they're both totally unique and mark such a refreshing change. The more the merrier I say.

Kwana said...

Loving your blog. Thanks for the new music fix.

Rollergirl said...

Oh, isn't she lovely!!

Rollergirl said...

Ok I'm back having watched the Crying Blood vid. It's ace! And I'm sure that's an Ashish dress she is wearing which makes it even better.

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