Monday, 5 January 2009

Get Lifted!

Happy New Year luvvies!

So how was yours? I had a great entry into the 09. I spent the night at my friend’s church, where the uplifting and invigorating words of her Pastor was just the nourishment my soul needed. I’m not gonna lie. My 2008 was far from great. The most worrying aspect being the number of times I’ve been ill. At the start of the he year I caught a cold that I just couldn’t shake. And then I contracted a stomach infection, and had to virtually live on water and cream crackers for two months. I lost a stone in weight, and my friends would often joke that that wasn’t necessarily a bad thing. But losing weight due to ill health is far from a good thing. On the contrary, it’s scary and unnerving. As soon as my appetite returned I got right into the business of putting on weight (quite a refreshing change  from calorie counting I can tell you), but now I’ve reached what I think is my ideal weight for my frame, I need to slow my roll and ease up on the stodge. 

Along with my health woes, last year the stresses of having to cope with being the mum of an active toddler, and juggling a demanding full time job, also intensified. I tell you, the appeal of being a woman who “has it all” lost it’s shine many moons ago. I now realise it‘s a myth. For a woman to successfully execute these two extremely demanding roles often means it’s at the detriment of her mental and physical well-meaning. Want proof? Then check my medical records for the last 12 months. Or for a more informative view check out the teachings of Dr Christiane Northup who I’ve only recently become aware of after watching her on Oprah a few days ago.  Northup appeared on the talk show queen’s couch to shed some much needed light on women’s health issues. A powerful orator, she is a strong believer of the connectedness between our  physical and emotive selves.  On the show she explained that many common ailments that women in particular are susceptible to such as high cholesterol levels, insomnia, irritableness and headaches, are a direct result of what’s going on in our minds. The body is simply the conduit which alerts us to the fact that something’s up. The Doctor is passionate about us doing away with the Superwoman myth and putting ourselves first AT ALL TIMES (yes you heard right, not your partner, kids, or boss). She also recommends that we actively pursue the things that give us pleasure and implement it into our schedules, much like we would the laundry, or weekly shop. Sitting at home watching  I almost went into Tom Cruise couch mode, screaming “yes, yes” at her revolutionary words. Oprah is equally in awe, and couldn’t stop harping on about Northup’s best selling book 'The Wisdom of Menopause’, which she apparently keeps by her bedside and refers to as her bible.  Despite the misleading title, the book is aimed at women who are 35+ and entering the second phase of their lives. Sounds like me to a tee. I’m going to order a copy off Amazon and will let you know my thoughts.

So the New Year has gone off to a flying start and I can hardly wait to get stuck in. Despite the aforementioned gloomy spots, I can’t forget my blessings. I’m feeling a lot healthier, am gainfully employed, have a loving hubby to be, and a smart, beautiful son. And how can I forget my wonderful blog buddies. Thank you for bearing with me and my sporadic posts. This year I intend to take The Cocoa Diaries to a higher level, bringing your more posts and additional features.

I hope you stay with me for the ride! 

Have a blessed 09

Ms Quichexxx


Janice aka Miss B said...

All the best for 09!

Matilda Egere-Cooper said...

How did I miss this post?!?!? Well, Ms Quiche, I commend you for being so inspiring and sharing your insightful and wise gems with the WWW...I hope 2009 is a fantastic year for you and you'll experience new and lovely things beyond your imagination - it's possible!!!! :)

MsQuiche said...

Thank you ladies

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