Thursday, 8 January 2009

Mel Says: "I'm Totally Fit"

Those Spicers really know how to milk an opportunity for all its worth, don’t they? Last year ‘Posh’ tried to convince the world that she’s a bonafide fashion designer by launching a clothing range. And now Mel B is getting in on the act by presenting herself as a fitness guru. The bubbly Northerner has just released ‘Totally Fit’ a three disc DVD, which consists of a 28 day plan of aerobic and resistance work out, as well as her dietary tips. I’m not really into exercise DVD’s but having seen a few scenes from this one it actually looks quite decent. Looking every inch the LA starlet, Mel conducts the class next to a swimming pool in what looks like Hollywood Hills. Her hair and make up looks immaculate (after all, this is LA ), and her body looks amazing. Rich has already asked if he could “borrow” the DVD after I finish with it, the cheeky so and so. As for the routines? Well the steps are varied and intricate enough to keep you interested, and you'll definitely leak a few beads of sweat. We already know she’s a loud-mouth, so you’ll either love or loathe the shrieky instructions “For anyone with jibbly bits I’m gonna tighten you up” she exclaims! Gosh, what would Jane Fonda think?
Available to order from (21.99).

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Kwana said...

That Mel. You know I'd buy it. I was always a fan and she had me glued to Dancing with the Stars. GLUED!

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