Sunday, 26 October 2008

16 Candles...

Ahem, well okay, maybe sixteen plus a few extra couple of years or so...

"Happy birthday to me, happy birthday to me". Today is my born day ladies and gents, YAY! So over the last few years in particular, I've had absolute disastrous birthdays, ranging from being cussed out and called a bitch by a friend who shares the same birthday as me (okay, so ever so slightly in her defence, she was blindingly drunk). Or as was the case last year, ending up in a dusty, South London shebeen, you know the type: dark and dingy, filled with the pungent scent of weed & cheap wine, ladies dressed in white lyrca and lace, topped off with a Ghetto Superstar DJ with verbal diarrhoea whose every record spin is predicable and unimaginative. Mmm, not good. So last year I vowed that I would spend the following birthday abroad, or at least out of London, and just do something a little different. As you've probably gathered - my plans didn't come into fruition. 

I'm pretty certain it's because I'm a winter-baby why I struggle to have a good time on my birthday. All my summer-baby friends have great birthdays, with the summer season practically ensuring that everyone is in a positive mood, and up for a night on the razz. With my birthday on the other hand, the grey and wet weather, combined with the fact that the clocks turn back signalling the start of winter means that a) I'm always presented with a string of last minute cancellations "Sorry Keysh, I would love to come out tonight, but..." or b) the friends who do turn up out of obligation look as if they'd rather be snuggled up under their duvets watching the News at Ten. This indeed was the case last night. As per usual I was struggling with ideas on what to do, and then during the week I got an invite to ex-Misteeq member, Sabrina Washington's, surprise birthday party, and thought it should be would be fun, you know, nothing too strenuous: I could grab a couple of my friends and go out to shake a leg for a couple of hours. We were told that she would be arriving at 10pm, but we got there around 11ish to find a half empty venue and no Sabrina. After answering to a series of "Are you sure this is her party?" "Yes". "Do you think then that maybe she's not going to turn up?" "Of course she's going to turn up". A few hours later the lovely lady in question arrived looking gorge’ in a stunning fuchsia pink & black mini dress. But I suppose due to the endless waiting around, and not much happening beforehand, it was somewhat of an anti-climax, and before you know it my friends were sitting down complaining of achy feet and all sorts. Deciding to put everyone out of their misery I suggested we grab our coats and just knock the night on the end. Typically just as we were leaving, things began to liven up.  

Today I'm going to be taking it easy. Rich is going to cook a roast dinner and his famous apple and plum pie, and then we’re going to settle down and watch Arsenal hopefully slaughter West Ham this afternoon. I think I’m gonna celebrate my next birthday in July. 

Me & my fella (Rich was the photographer for the night)

Scorpio ladies in full effect -  Yours Truly with Sabrina

Me and the girls nursing sore feet, gosh anyone would think we're in our sixties. 


Ondo Lady said...

Ahhhhh, winter birthdays are the pits aren't they? Mine is exactly one month after Xmas so everyone is broke. You looked gorgeous anyway and you have a lovely family which is a wonderful gift in itself. Sabrina looked glam, was Aleesha there?

MsQuiche said...

Winter bdays aren't the best are they, it's so unfair, lol

No, Alesha wasn't there, mainly her family and industry folk.

Janice aka Miss Mad News said...

happy belated Birthday!

Sabrina's party.. what can I say.. Typical!

Sabrina's dress - no comment!

MsQuiche said...

Thanks Janice

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