Thursday, 2 October 2008

Afro Saxons - new documenary about black hair competions

As most black women can testify - black hairdressing is serious business. A new documentary entitled 'Afro Saxons' lifts the lid on Afro-Caribbean hair competions in the UK. Sounds prety cool. See synopsis below:

Mark Currie and Rachel Wang, the young principals of London based Chocolate Films, have produced and directed a sharp and funny observational documentary that follows four hair salons as they prepare for the biggest Afro-hair competition in the UK. This exceptional and insightful film will be released in selected London cinemas in October.
The film features Angela, a braid stylist to the stars; Wayne and Cyndia, who are the leading junior stylists at the UK's biggest chain of Afro hair salons; George and Apple, a Thai husband and wife team obsessed with Afro hair; and Michael, Birmingham's leading Afro stylist who is out to beat the all-powerful London salons. Afro Saxons follows all of these stylists as they enter the Black Beauty and Hair awards - the most competitive Afro hair competition in the UK.
“Afro Saxons is a story set within the black British community which is not about guns, drugs, gangs or any of the regular filmic clich├ęs”, comment co-directors Mark Currie and Rachel Wang. “As filmmakers we are passionate about portraying a realistic vision of contemporary black British culture. The one place where all sectors of the black British community converge is in the Afro hair salon. We find the creativity and diversity of Afro hair-styles to be visually arresting and have shot a film that showcases the work, and pay respect to the effort and skill of the artists that create it.”
Afro Saxons, a warm, inspirational and touching film that delves into the professional and home lives of the stylists while they express them selves with mind-blowing gravity-defying hair designs. It will be showing at Rich Mix from Friday 17 – Thursday 23 October. For more information and to book tickets, call the Rich Mix Box Office on 020 7613 7498 or visit 

Update: Just had word that the trailer is now up for Afro Saxons. Visit to view or see below for a slightly lower res version.


Chocolate Films said...

Hey, Cocoa Diaries, the Afro-Saxons trailer's now online at

MsQuiche said...

Hey Chocolate films, thanks for the heads up. The doc sounds great.

Ondo Lady said...

OMG!! This looks amazing and I cannot wait to see it.

Chocolate Films said...

HI Msquiche. There's a new video online, shot at the Afro-Saxons preview at www.myspace,com/chocolatefilms and, And check out New Nation this week - they've called the film "A MUST-SEE FLICK... if you don't find it compulsive viewing, you're dead from the neck up." Thanks for your support - Chocolate Films

MsQuiche said...

Hey Chocolate films, thanks for letting me know. I saw the review in the New Nation - good job.

Rollergirl said...

Ooh ooh, MUST see this!

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